Why We Use NationBuilder

We are proud to create and support NationBuilder themes and integrations for causes, candidates, and non-profits because NationBuilder has all the digital and data tools you need to rally support, increase funding - and win.

Unlike any other CMS or donor management solution, the NationBuilder platform is fully integrated with every tool and functionality your campaign needs to succeed. With NationBuilder, you’ll get a website, database, bulk emailer, social media marketing, event software, petitions and polls, GIS and turf cutting, call and walk sheets, and more. It isn’t just convenient. It’s the difference between retaining your supporters and losing them. And for many of our clients, it’s the difference between winning and losing.

NationBuilder is built on the expertise of digital technology, nonprofit leadership, political campaigning, advocacy, and brand engagement. This allows customers to identify more supporters, engage them more successfully, and dramatically increase their impact. Hundreds of designers, programmers, and app developers have also built an ecosystem around NationBuilder to ensure that the platform is flexible enough to accommodate every customer’s specific needs for design and functionality. Unlike competitor platforms that have one central database shared amongst many customers, every NationBuilder customer has their own isolated database so you’re not vulnerable to shoddy firewalls or accidental leaks. And that’s why some of the most high-profile organizations and individuals use NationBuilder.

So if you are struggling to send emails from one platform while scheduling social media on another and tracking supporters or donors on yet another tool, then you’re wasting precious resources like time and money. You’re also missing out on critical components of digital organizing. With a  sophisticated platform like NationBuilder, you can do it all with one single sign-on and one centralized database. And, if you power your Nation of supporters with website Themes and strategies from NationDigital then you can reach your organization’s goals much more quickly and inexpensively. 

Here at NationDigtial, we not only develop and support our clients with their NationBuilder solutions, we also use NationBuilder every day to run our mission-driven campaigns. NationDigital is part of the EveryLibrary Institute, a national non-profit that supports libraries through public engagement and outreach. The Institute is part of the EveryLibrary network which includes voter-facing and donor-facing activities to identify, activate, and empower people to support libraries across the country and around the world. Check out the EveryLibrary case study on NationBuilder's blog for more about how we put our own themes to work building unique and high-impact advocacy campaigns for libraries. 


NationBuilder Alliance Discount

All members of our Alliance HQ Network receive expert NationBuilder platform and website support as well as a 10% discount on any NationBuilder "Starter" or "Pro" subscription or add-on.

10% Discount on Your NationBuilder Subscription