What is NationBuilder?

All of our websites and themes are built for the NationBuilder platform - meaning if you work with us us you will also be using NationBuilder. If you're not yet aware of NationBuilder, the brief introduction below will bring you up to speed.

NationBuilder is a content management platform built specifically for causes and campaigns (though it can be used effectively for businesses and other types of organizations).

It is similar to WordPress, Drupal, or SquareSpace in that it houses your cause or campaign's website. Unlike these platforms, it is specialized to help you gain supporters, raise money, and otherwise achieve the aims and goals common to causes and campaigns.

Aside from being a website creation platform, NationBuilder fundamentally is a database that helps you store, sort, and organize your data such that you can use it effectively to achieve your goals.

It is used by the biggest causes and campaigns in the world, including the national campaigns we hear about every day and the biggest nonprofit organizations across the globe.

NationBuilder is 100% nonpartisan, as are we.

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