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This short video takes you on a walkthrough of our themes, including their feature set and the other main points of information you need to know before purchasing.

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Click a thumbnail to view a theme demo.

The big thumbnail is the master theme, our NationBuilder Mega-Theme, from which all our themes are made.

The small thumbnails are demo themes containing different homepage layouts, content block combinations, layout options, color schemes, and fonts. They are examples of what your finished website might look like.

Want to mock up your own homepage layouts and content block combinations?

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Join Our NationBuilder Network.

By joining, you will receive expert NationBuilder platform and website support as well as exclusive perks like up to a 10% discount on your NationBuilder billing*, a 10% discount on our NationBuilder Apps, and other special platform features.

*NationBuilder Enterprise clients excluded, as they have custom billing.


All of our premium themes:

  • Are used and tested on the biggest cause and campaign websites in the world.
  • Adhere to NationBuilder's rigorous website theme quality assurance standards, viewable here.
  • Include all content blocks, action page layouts, and other premium features available exclusively in our themes.
  • Are very easily manageable, as very little is hard-coded. This means you can change text, images, video, and more as easily as writing an email or using Microsoft Word.
  • Adapt perfectly to all screen sizes, including mobile phones, tablets, and extra large computer screens.
  • Are available in French (Français 🇫🇷 and Québécoise 🇨🇦) and Spanish (Mexicano 🇲🇽) and can be translated to other languages as well.
  • Come with a beautiful email template.
  • Come equipped with full NationBuilder functionality, including all page templates and settings. All forms automatically send data directly to your NationBuilder database.
  • Have full written and video documentation, meaning you can create, update, scale, and generally manage your website(s) independently.
  • Come with an optional 30 minute screenshare tutorial. While our documentation covers everything, we offer this live tutorial so you can ask specific questions while following along in real time.
  • Look and work great on all modern browsers (Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, etc).
  • Are easily customizable and developer friendly, though you need not be a developer to customize them. Styles can be easily changed or overridden and custom designs / functionality can be implemented in a straightforward fashion.
  • Are available to anyone using NationBuilder as we are a nonpartisan software provider.

We came to Nation Digital needing a top-notch U.S. Senate campaign website up within a few days. We got exactly that. Their theme was easy to work with and their documentation fantastic. Highly recommended and we hope to work with them in the future.

Craig Bergman

Single Website

Every year our organization hosts a two week, 100+ event celebration of innovation in our city. For four years, Nation Digital has built the website and digital infrastructure for this showcase, and every year it has gone off without a hitch. Their NationBuilder skill and expertise is unparalleled.

Chris Rico

Custom Project

Our agency has worked with Nation Digital for over three years and continues to do so because they consistently deliver an exceptional product. Always on time and on budget, they are our choice agency for development. I highly recommend partnering with them for your future development needs.

Dean Petrone

Unlimited Websites

We are an oldie but a goodie. We have been with NationBuilder for seven or eight years and our website looked worn and antiquated.  We needed to upgrade the look but also bring ourselves into the modern age by connecting to social media and mobile devices. Nation Digital pulled us out of the dark ages into the light.

Tim Lennon

Custom Project

We enlisted Nation Digital to build our custom website. They were quick to respond to our needs and we were able to transition to the new theme with no down time and without losing any of our existing supporters. Couldn't be happier with their attention to detail, quality or speed.

Patrick Sweeney

Custom Project

As a small campaign on a limited budget, finding Nation Digital's themes allowed us to have a website that was significantly better than our opponent’s (who has far more resources). Aside from that, they accommodated our expedited timeline better than we thought possible. Highly recommended.

Rafael Dagnesses

Website Build

Nation Digital is a pleasure to work with and make creating a new site on NationBuilder easy and seamless. Their understanding of NationBuilder is unparalleled, they explains topics clearly, and their themes present beautifully. I would highly recommend Nation Digital for any project in the cause space.

Emily Favreau

Custom Project


Check out our pricing packages below.
All Prices USD

Single Website

This license entitles theme use on one website.

We will implement any colors, custom fonts, and content blocks you've selected for your theme.

We will deliver the theme within one business day of your order.


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Ten Websites

This license entitles theme use on up to ten websites.

We will implement any colors, custom fonts, and content blocks you've selected for your theme(s).

We will deliver the theme(s) within one business day of your order or request.


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Unlimited Websites

This license entitles theme use on unlimited websites.

We will implement any colors, custom fonts, and content blocks you've selected for your theme(s).

We will deliver the theme(s) within one business day of your order request.


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Website Build

We'll make you a finished website using our themes.

We will implement your website's content, including logo, verbiage, imagery, video, etc.

We will implement your website's colors, custom fonts, and content blocks.

We will apply your domain name (URL) and take care of everything else needed to launch your website.

We will deliver the website within one week of your order, or in less than two business days for expedited delivery (see ).

$2,000*: Up to 20 pages

$3,000*: Up to 40 pages

Custom Quote*: 40+ pages 

*This purchase includes a Single Website license, or, with a prior Ten Websites or Unlimited Websites purchase, apply a $500 discount to the prices above.

$500: Expedited delivery in two business days or less.

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Custom Project

Each quarter we take on an exclusive selection of custom projects.

If you're interested in working with us on a custom project, including a custom theme build, a custom website build, logo and graphic design, technical NationBuilder strategy and / or consulting (like leveraging the platform's feature set to raise more money), or other custom work, click the green button below to learn more.

The following is an approximate pricing scale intended to give you an idea of our custom project pricing:

Tier 1: $2,000 - $5,000

Includes the Single Website package or the Website Build plus a moderate amount of custom design and development work.

Tier 2: $5,000 - $15,000

Includes the Single Website package or the Website Build plus a significant amount of custom design and development work.

Tier 3: $15,000+

Includes the Single Website package or the Website Build plus a large amount of custom design and development work.

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Digital Infrastructure Setup

Our Most Popular Add-On

While our fully integrated theme and website packages equip you with the full suite of NationBuilder website functionality, this add-on ensures that your whole nation (NationBuilder account) is set up. In broad terms, this typically includes any or all of the following: activity tracking, database configuration, broadcaster setup, financial configuration, and integrations.

$1,000: Standard Setup*

*While our Standard Setup meets the needs of most clients, some will require an advanced setup. Typically this is not a matter of sophistication but volume. If you require 100 different NationBuilder Paths and 50 different data imports, please see our Custom Project page.

Custom Content Block

If you require a content block not found in our large pre-made selection, we will create one for you.


Custom Skin

Beyond the color and font customization included in our standard theme and website packages, this includes more in-depth stylistic customization. You can provide direction or we can be creative.


Translated Theme / Website Clone

If you need a clone of your theme or website in an additional language that we offer, see the pricing below:

$500: With purchase of a Single Website, Ten Websites, or Unlimited Websites package.

$1,000+: See our Website Build pricing and apply a $500 reduction to all prices shown there.

Partial Website Build

If you're comfortable implementing content into your NationBuilder theme (verbiage, imagery, video, etc) but would like assistance with the more technical side of things, like content blocks and layout customization, purchase this add-on instead of the full Website Build.

$250: With purchase of a Single Website, Ten Websites, or Unlimited Websites package.

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Impact Theme

Don't quite have the budget yet for one of our premium themes? No problem. Already purchased Impact and looking to upgrade? See below.

Impact is a more accessible alternative to our premium themes. It is one of two inaugural NationBuilder Theme Marketplace themes.

Includes the same core feature set as our premium themes with the additional aim of adhering strictly to default NationBuilder functionality (i.e. Featured Content Sliders are actually sliders by default and the Header Image is, well, a header image).

Features exclusive to our premium themes (like video background capability and our selection of content blocks) can easily be added to Impact à la carte. Furthermore, a site using Impact can be seamlessly upgraded to one of our premium themes where your Impact purchase is credited towards your premium theme purchase. For Upgrade Pricing, click the button below.


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Below is a list of commonly asked questions.
Feel free to get in touch about any other questions you might have.

We accept payment via credit card (through Stripe), PayPal, check, and wire transfer.

Email or call us. We're happy to answer questions free of charge. We will also usually accommodate small tweaks to the theme (i.e. change "Sign Up" to "Join") free of charge. Larger modifications / support requests will be quoted on a per task basis.

Yes - if you purchase a Single Website license, a future Ten Websites license, for example, would be $4,000 USD. If you purchase a Ten Websites license, a future Unlimited Websites license, would be $5,000 USD.

We're happy to accommodate custom work requested in addition to our basic packages - it will be quoted separately.

No - our themes are available to anyone using NationBuilder.

Our themes are available in French (Français 🇫🇷 and Québécoise 🇨🇦) and Spanish (Mexicano 🇲🇽).

You can translate them to other languages using one of three methods (the third is our recommended option):

  1. Translate only the page and theme templates that your site uses. This has the benefit of requiring the least amount of time, but scaling your site becomes difficult as any new templates your site uses will need to be translated as you go.
  2. Manually translate the entire theme before building your site. You would do this by going through all the theme templates and translating the white text. Use NationBuilder's guide for accomplishing this efficiently.
  3. We can refer you to translation specialists who will isolate the theme text to be translated, send you the extracted text for translation, and then replace the theme's original text with your translated text.

At this time, we do not provide financing options or accept partial payment for any of our theme licenses, a Website Build, or add-ons.

We do accept payment installments for custom projects, which we typically break into two or three payments.

All theme package purchases are entitled to one free theme update. Additional theme updates are $100.

À la carte features added to our themes after your purchase are quoted individually.

We will share the theme with your nation (NationBuilder account) which makes it available for use.

Extremely easy as all of the default NationBuilder page templates are available in our themes (i.e. Sign Up, Volunteer, Donate, Petition, etc). For example, creating a new petition might take all of two minutes.

The same way - our payment processors automatically handle currency exchange.

Absolutely and very easily - this is a great use of our themes. Check out our guide for this.

Absolutely and very easily. Check out our guide for this.

Yes, we do this all the time. It fits within our Website Build package. Just note that your new website will look like our NationBuilder themes, not your WordPress theme.

All theme purchases come with our NationBuilder Email Template, available upon request.

Definitely, just shoot us an email and we'll send you a pre-authorized selection of websites using our themes. If you'd like to see a specific type of example, just let us know.

No - we focus on NationBuilder theming, websites, and apps along with generalized NationBuilder support.

This streamlined approach is a major reason why our work and customer service stand out.

Absolutely - just email us and we'll send you a reference sheet including past and present clients as well as internal NationBuilder staff.

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We are located in Austin, TX (Central Time).