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NationBuilder approached us in the summer of 2018 to build one of two inaugural themes for their official Theme Marketplace.

It was the perfect opportunity to offer a more accessible alternative to our premium themes, something we've long wanted to do.

Impact was created using the codebase of our premium themes (the same codebase used and tested on the biggest cause and campaign websites in the world) with the additional aim of adhering strictly to standard NationBuilder functionality (i.e. Featured Content Sliders are actually sliders by default and the Header Image is, well, a header image).

While this increases accessibility, it also means we've omitted some of the features found in our premium themes. That being said, features exclusive to our premium themes (like video background capability and our selection of content blocks) can easily be added to Impact à la carte. Furthermore, a site using Impact can be seamlessly upgraded to one of our premium themes where your Impact purchase is credited towards your premium theme purchase. For more information, see our Upgrade Pricing below.

If you have any questions or require support regarding Impact, don't hesitate to get in touch at +1 (614) 385-3377 or [email protected].

Below you'll find demos, video and written tutorials, and Upgrade Pricing.

For general theme FAQ, add-ons, and other information, please visit our Theme Store.


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Upgrade Pricing

All Prices USD

Content Block

Content Blocks found in our large pre-made selection are easily added to Impact.

$100 for each content block added

Premium Feature

Features found in our premium themes are easily added to Impact. Examples include:

  • Footer Navigation
  • Videos Blog
  • Subpage Listing
  • Alternate Directory

$250 for each feature added

Full Theme Upgrade

If you'd like to upgrade to our premium themes, your Impact purchase will be credited towards a premium theme purchase + a $100 upgrade fee. Use our video and written guides for upgrading Impact to one of our premium themes.

Impact Single Website: $750 (1,250-500+100)

Impact 6-pack Websites: $5,850 (6,250-500+100)

Impact 12-pack Websites: $9,600 (10,000-500+100)



Note that the Add-Ons in our Theme Store are also available to anyone using Impact. Click the button below to purchase.

Join Our NationBuilder Network.

By joining, you will receive expert NationBuilder platform and website support as well as exclusive perks like up to a 10% discount on your NationBuilder billing*, a 10% discount on our NationBuilder Apps, and other special platform features.

*NationBuilder Enterprise clients excluded, as they have custom billing.


All of the NationBuilder features you’re used to are built into the theme as well as a few unique features found in the documentation below.

NOTE: If you're upgrading Impact to one of our premium themes, use our video and written guides here.

For your convenience, we've included blue timestamps in the written documentation below so you can quickly reference that part in the video.


Header image (0:24): The NationBuilder Header image is editable in your Site settings. If both a header image and a Featured content slider are enabled, only the Featured content slider will be displayed.

Background image (2:09): The NationBuilder Background image is editable in your Site settings and your Donation V2 page’s Settings. Background images display on action pages* when the page is tagged background page. This feature disables the page’s activity stream and hides page tags.

Page headers (5:20): A page’s Excerpt is displayed as a subheadline. Additionally, you can leave a page’s Headline blank to remove the header section altogether. On the Donation V2 page type, if you leave the Headline blank but have Intro content, that content will appear at the top of the form. If your site has a Primary signup page, a signup form will appear in the homepage header (and sidebar).

Top navigation (9:03): The Supporter nav buttons are used as top navigation buttons (i.e. a “Donate” button in the top right corner). We recommend using a maximum of two buttons. Checking Use the dark Facebook like button change your top navigation’s background color from white to your theme’s primary color.

Supporter navigation (11:04): Pages with Include in supporter nav checked will display in the sidebar whether a user is logged-in or not. Think of this feature as a Sidebar nav.

Sidebar Signup Form (12:32): The sidebar signup form's headline and subheadline comes from your site's Headline and Subheadline, found in Site settings.

Image sizes (12:54): The images in this theme are responsive, meaning the same photo will have different dimensions in desktop or mobile. As a result, refrain from putting text on top of photos.

*Action pages include the following page types: Donation, Donation V2, Endorsement, Feedback, Moneybomb, Petition, Signup, Survey, Volunteer Signup, and Vote Pledge.

General Guidelines:

  • (14:06) Variables, like fonts and colors, are found and easily changed at the top of theme.scss here it says Change Your Colors and Font Here. All the variables below can be changed as well, but are best left alone unless you’re proficient in CSS / Sass.
  • (18:03) If you are using a custom font and need to implement a font script, you can paste the script into _nm-partial-font-scripts.html, unless you’re using Typekit, in which case there’s an input for your key in the theme Settings.
  • (18:50) Advertising and / or analytics shortcodes to be placed in the <head> of your website can be pasted into _nm-includes.html at the bottom. Advertising and / or analytics shortcodes to be placed before the closing </body> tag of your website can be pasted into _nm-scripts.html at the bottom.
  • (20:30) Some layout variables exist in layout.html and splash.html - changing these from true to false and vice versa will change your theme's layout accordingly. The variables are descriptively named.
  • (23:08) Custom theme styling is best implemented in _nm-theme.scss.
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