How to Create Campaign Walklists and Cards

Like most campaign organizers know, canvassing is a great way to connect with voters. However, without solid preparation, you won’t receive the solid results that you could be getting.

Like most campaign organizers know, canvassing is a great way to connect with voters. However, without solid preparation, you won’t receive the solid results that you could be getting.

Before you start canvassing, you should create a walk list and a walk card. These tools will help you know who to talk to, track your interactions with voters, and make conversations easier. 

What is a Walk List?

A walk list is a list of all the voters you intend to talk to while canvassing. Typically, campaigns gather the names and addresses of likely supporters to make sure they’re spending their time wisely.

If you walk up to every house on your path, you’ll spend a lot of time talking to people that are already decided against your campaign. If you prepare ahead of time and ensure you only visit houses of likely supporters, you’ll have much higher chances of success.

Both previous and prospective supporters should be on your walk list. For current supporters, you can remind them when and where they need to vote, and you can show your appreciation for their support.

You can talk to prospective supporters and tell them the reasons they should support your campaign. They are likely undecided, so you want them to know that you’re not pressuring them. Simply give them the relevant information about your campaign and remind them when and where they need to vote. 

What is a Walk Card?

A walk card is a tangible object that canvassers give to voters. It introduces the candidate to the voter and represents the message the campaign hopes to send. 

Walk cards can help guide conversations and give canvassers a place to start. It also acts as an easy reference if voters have questions in the future. 

Your walk card should answer core questions about your campaign. A voter should be able to read it and know:

  • What is your campaign theme?
  • Who are you?
  • Why are you running?
  • Why should they vote for you?
  • What are two or three of your primary issues or platforms?

Tips for Success

Creating a Walk List

Your walk list should include the names of people that already support your campaign or are likely to support it. Additionally, you should have a way to track your interactions with each voter. 

Say you’re canvassing a neighborhood. The next name on your walk list is Jane Smith at 123 Road Street. She voted for your candidate’s party in the last election and is likely to do so again. After talking to Ms. Smith, you note that the interaction went well, and she seems likely to vote for your candidate. 

Looking back on your walk list, you can see who you spoke to, relevant information about them, and how your conversation with them went. It combines important information about your campaign’s supporters in a single document. 

Creating a Walk Card

A walk card’s primary purpose is to quickly but effectively introduce your campaign or candidate to a voter. Ensure that your walk card is easy to read, carry, and summarizes the important information about your campaign.

The information on your walk card should be short and to the point, preferably in bullet points for easy reading. Focus on two or three of your campaign’s primary issues. You don’t have much space, so you want to make the most of it.

Prominently feature your campaign’s logo and name, along with powerful images and headlines. Utilize poignant pictures and wording to get right to the point using the least amount of space. 

With these tips, a voter can quickly read and digest the information on your walk card. They’ll know what your campaign is about, and they’ll have access to the information in the future.

How NationBuilder Can Help

If you’re having trouble creating your walk list or walk card, there’s no need to worry. NationBuilder is an online platform designed to help you create call and walk sheets. They have several tools available that make it easy to create and share your campaign lists and cards.

Their turf cutter tool makes call and walk sheets for you. With three easy steps, you can save people from a map area to a list for future reference. All you have to do is create your target voter universe, cut the turf, and create and print your walk sheets.

It’s incredibly simple to create and print a call or walk sheets. Your campaign’s canvassers can easily record their interactions with voters and enter the results on the sheet. 

NationBuilder makes canvassing effortless. Their tools and guides can help any campaign canvas successfully. 

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