Finding Individual Large Donors For Your Cause or Campaign

There are many ways to find individual donors for your political campaign. In this article, we’ll talk about political fundraising for small, individual donors. In order to find individual donors, start with research and leave room for more than one giving level.

There are many ways to find individual donors for your political campaign. In this article, we’ll talk about political fundraising for small, individual donors. In order to find individual donors, start with research and leave room for more than one giving level.

Ask your team and friends for help and build a robust online web presence. Remember not to focus only on direct mail, and realize that donors can help your campaign in other ways. Be able to spot your next major donors and let them know that it’s also an investment opportunity. If you help your board focus on donations-only, they will be better equipped to find donors. Read on for more details!

Research Your Prospects

In order to research prospects, you’ll want to know what their previous donations to your campaign or nonprofit have been. See if you can find out what their other contributions to organizations have been. Find data on their hobbies, interests, and habits to see if they’re a good fit, and what their involvement has been in philanthropy. The best prospects will be those who are open to giving and interested in your cause. 

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Leave Room for Multiple Giving Levels

Be ready to provide the donor with options. If the level of giving you’re asking for is more than they can or want to give at the time, you can offer something else. Try to ask for a lower amount or see if they’d be interested in planned giving. Rather than an immediate gift all at once, they can pay a more reasonable amount each month. 

Ask Your Team for Help

Everyone on your team or your board knows people that you don’t. They’ve got professional connections that can help provide your organization with more financial support. Ask your team if they would be willing to make an introduction for you to find new donors. The best thing about this is that your team members are already acquainted with those connections and the trust is already there. The prospect might be unsure about donating but if they know the person already on your team or board, that will help give them a friendly push in the right direction. 

Phone (or text, or email) a Friend

Your friends have friends. And those friends have friends. You’re already connected to a vast, infinite network of people. Peer-to-peer fundraising helps you use those connections to help reach your fundraising goals. This fundraising technique is very effective. In fact, 43% of millennials give to nonprofits through peer-to-peer fundraising. You can also get friends on board to volunteer, make recurring donations or contribute to your social media presence. 

Build Your Online Web Presence

The digital age is alive and well. For that reason, you need to make sure that there are multiple ways to give online. You should have a web page that you direct donors to and it should be mobile-friendly since most of us access the internet on our phones.

If you can post helpful information and incorporate SEO best practices, even better. It will help establish and build your authority online. You’ll want to develop your social media presence as well and get online visitors to sign up for email updates as well. Make sure you have all of that listed on your website.  

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Know That It’s About More Than Direct Mail

Direct mail was once the way to find donors… but now we’ve got a lot more opportunities. As we discussed above, having a strong online presence is a good way to find people to donate to your cause. That doesn’t mean that you can’t use direct mail as well, but online outreach seems to be more effective in this day and age. 

Donors are More than Moneybags

Remember that the people you’re asking for donations might be interested in volunteering as well. Perhaps they’d like to become team members or event planners for your campaign. We are all multi-faceted, and even if they’re unable to donate at this time, you can help them get involved in other ways. Encouraging donors to seek other ways to support your cause helps them feel good about adding value even if they can’t donate at this time. 

Identify Your Next Major Donors

Major donors are an important part of political fundraising. This article is about individual and small donors, but our next article will be about helping find your major donors. For now, here’s a brief outline of what you can do to identify major donors: 

  • Find people who believe in the cause
  • Find people who are connected to the cause (through someone on your team or board)
  • Find people who can give at your major donation level

Once you find someone who can do all three of the above, they are good candidates for the next donor level: major donations. 

Clue Donors In About the Investment Opportunity

Individual donors tend to be fine with emotional appeals, but if you’d like to get larger donations down the line, you’ll want to shift your messaging a bit. Large donors like to hear about investment opportunities - and some small donors do too! It helps people understand the broad impact of your work and what you can do with their investments. Leave room for both kinds of messaging if you’d like to make the biggest possible impact.  

Let Your Board Deal with Donations

Your board (or applicable body in charge of donations) should be solely focused on getting those donations. Do everything in your power to ensure that those responsible for donations aren’t being given other jobs to do. It may seem easier to have your board performing other tasks but trust us, you’ll need every penny they can help you get. Allow them to invest their time in finding donations and try to keep them from being distracted. Donations are an important job!

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