Do your themes come in other languages? How easy is it to translate them?

Our themes are available in French (Français 🇫🇷 et Québécoise 🇨🇦) and Spanish (Mexicano 🇲🇽).

You can translate them to other languages using one of three methods (the third is our recommended option):

  1. Translate only the page and theme templates that your site uses. This has the benefit of requiring the least amount of time, but scaling your site becomes difficult as any new templates your site uses will need to be translated as you go.
  2. Manually translate the entire theme before building your site. You would do this by going through all the theme templates and translating the white text. Use NationBuilder's guide for accomplishing this efficiently.
  3. We can refer you to translation specialists who will isolate the theme text to be translated, send you the extracted text for translation, and then replace the theme's original text with your translated text.
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