Custom Work

Learn more about how we partner with clients on projects.

Each quarter we take on an exclusive selection of custom projects. By only taking on a small number, we're able to give the client and project the time and attention they require.

Why Work With Us On Your Custom Project?

As our themes are already equipped with the full suite of NationBuilder functionality, we use them as foundations and then build on top of or modify them for custom projects. This means all our time and attention is dedicated to the custom parts of your project, not rudimentary theme work. It's hard to overstate how much time this saves compared to starting from scratch, and consequently, we're able to take projects a lot further than we would otherwise. It also ensures quality as our themes are already tested on the biggest cause and campaign websites in the world.

What qualifies as a custom project and how is this different from our theme packages?

A custom project is a project that includes any or all of the following:

Custom Design & Development

While our feature-rich themes oftentimes meet all of a client's needs out of the box, additional features are sometimes needed. This includes custom-designed content blocks, landing pages, styling, and more.

We recently completed a project where the client required five custom content blocks as well as a couple landing page templates. This is the most common type of custom project we take on, as our themes are built to be easily extendable while meeting the vast majority of client requirements out of the box.

Technical NationBuilder Strategy

Our intimate technical knowledge of the NationBuilder platform allows us to implement features that can massively enhance fundraising ability, email list building, and more.

We recently worked with an organization that encourages users to share extremely vulnerable past experiences on their site. We recognized that the strong emotional valence of these stories created a unique opportunity to engender donations. In order to take advantage of this opportunity, we placed a tracked donation call to action on each story, allowing readers to donate on behalf of that specific story. These donations are tracked such that the most successful stories are automatically featured on the homepage. This particular donation funnel has resulted in massive increases in donation revenue for the organization.

General NationBuilder Consulting

Given that we've worked on hundreds of NationBuilder projects over the years, we have an extensive knowledge of the platform. We can use this experience to help you achieve your goals by leveraging the NationBuilder feature set to its fullest.

We recently helped an organization organize and consolidate their database. They had multiple tags, lists, and filters identifying one type of user. They needed all these users under one identifier and quickly, as a current event required the immediate dissemination of an email blast. Doing this manually wasn't an option, and there was no clear cut and obvious way to consolidate these users. However, using a method we devised working with a previous client, we created a way to combine the multiple identifiers into one list without duplicating users, allowing the organization to reach all these users that same night.

API Development

As certified NationBuilder Developers, we can extend the standard NationBuilder feature set with custom functionality.

We recently built a directory enabling website users to search for doctors contained within the organization's NationBuilder database. By default, a website user cannot access your NationBuilder database. By building this app, we allowed users to securely access only the practicing doctors as well as filter them by location and specialty.

Graphic Design

We can design your brand or provide à la carte logo and graphic design in order to enhance the look of your website and collateral. Typically, this service is provided only with a theme or website purchase.

We recently designed a new logo for an organization wanting to modernize its brand and appeal to a younger audience. This project also included a new website theme with updated font and color combinations selected for the same purpose.


Next steps:

If you are interested in custom work, please fill in the contact form with some details of your project and someone will contact you to get more details and start the project.

Once the requirements are understood, a quote will be provided. The quote is usually broken down into a couple of milestones which have payments associated with them. Payments are to be made by credit card through our NationBuilder payment processor. All quotes are in USD, but our payment processor can accept most international currencies. Other payments arrangements can be made if necessary.