What is Political Direct Mail?

In a highly digitized world, email and targeted ads online may seem like the best way to go for marketing and political campaigns. But it turns out that direct mail is still one of the most effective political campaigning methods.

Where to Start Finding Donors For Your Campaign or Election

If you want to raise money for your campaign you have to know where to start and many of the campaigns and causes that we work with have a hard time understanding how to find those first few donors to help them launch or sustain their campaign.

How to Create a Campaign Budget

If you need to build a campaign budget that sees you all the way through to the election, you’ve come to the right place. Today we’ll talk about why you need to budget, what kind of expenses to budget for, and how to ensure that your campaign dollars will see you through to the end.

How to Place a Radio Ad

Want to know how to place campaign ads over the radio? Radio ads are a great way to do election advertising, but to get the best results, you’ll need to start by doing your research.

How to Create a Radio Ad

With so many engaging platforms available, you may think that the novelty of the car radio would’ve long worn out. After all, its heyday was in the 1950s.  As it turns out, the opposite is true.

Launch a Political Coalition

Coalitions are powerful tools that can be used to bring people together, foster a sense of community, and rally behind a common cause. Political coalitions can provide a place for people to voice their concerns and enact meaningful changes.

Understanding Corporate Social Responsibility Money

Attracting customers is the goal of every business. A great product or service and superior marketing can only take a company so far. Engaging in corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices conveys to customers that the company takes an interest in social issues. CSR draws customers with the same beliefs, creating a sustainable revenue source as well as a better-connected community.

Launch a Movement With Only 3.5% of the Population

Erica Chenoweth is a political scientist from Harvard University who has proven that compelling social change through nonviolence is not only credible but far more effective. Chenoweth’s research couldn’t come at a better time in human history. Her research gives credence to the non-violence philosophies of activists like Gandhi and MLK. It also creates a workable model for groups like the Extinction Rebellion who's mission is to push governments to act in planet-saving efforts against climate change. 

Finding Individual Large Donors For Your Cause or Campaign

There are many ways to find individual donors for your political campaign. In this article, we’ll talk about political fundraising for small, individual donors. In order to find individual donors, start with research and leave room for more than one giving level.

Finding Big Money Political Donors

Fundraising is a highly competitive space. We all know the struggle of researching donors, writing appeals, and getting a steady stream for your campaign can be a challenge. 

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