Applying Your Theme to an Existing NationBuilder Website

Below are video and written guides for seamlessly transitioning your existing NationBuilder website to one of our premium themes.

1. Custom Templates

You'll most likely want to delete custom Templates for any pages that might have them and then remake them if necessary. Of course, before doing this, check the template for any custom code that might be necessary when remaking the template.

2. Featured Content Sliders

Featured Content Sliders are by default used as background images, not actual sliders with text and links attached to them. This also means images should not have text in them as the images will be differently sized according to the user's screen size.

Keep in mind our themes have slider blocks available, they're just not the default setting.

3. Subheadlines

A page's Excerpt doubles as a page's subheadline - so be aware that whatever is there will now show up on the site.

4. Supporter Nav

Buttons in the Supporter Nav show up in the top nav as primary action buttons as opposed to the sidebar.

Buttons with Include in supporter nav checked show up in the sidebar regardless of whether a user is logged in or not, as opposed to only when the user is logged in.

5. Background Image

Except on the Donation V2 page, a site's Background Image shows up as a full width image just above the footer. It will have Facebook and / or Twitter widgets overlaid if they're connected to your site.

6. Header Image

Header Images are not utilized in our premium themes - they are, instead, used in our email templates. Typical Header Image functionality is replaced by Featured Content Sliders (see #1).

7. Homepage Tag

On most NationBuilder themes, tagging a page homepage will make it show up on the homepage. In our themes, this tag becomes layout homepage.

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