7 Tactics to Build Your Political Email List

A great base of support from a large email list should be backbone of any digital campaign.

A great base of support from a large email list should be backbone of any digital campaign. Your supporters can make or break your campaign as they determine your success. The first step to establishing a solid support base is to build a political email list. 

A great email list can help increase your number of supporters, but, more importantly, it lets you communicate with your supporters directly. Here are seven tips to help you build your political email list.

1) Make it easy to sign up. 

If you make it a hassle to sign up for your email list, even your most enthusiastic supporters are unlikely to do so. Instead, make it easy for them to sign up.

On Your NationBuilder Website

You should have an easily identifiable and accessible spot for supporters to join your email list on your website. They should be able to visit your website and find the link to sign up immediately. A great way to ensure it’s always noticeable is to make it a primary feature on every page. While it should be one of the most prominent features of the home page, every other page should also have a link for visitors to sign up.

That's why NationDigital websites are built around engagement and growth! We made it easy for your supporters to sign up to learn more from you.

On Social Media

On your accounts, have a link to sign up in your bios. Depending on the platform, you can include a reminder and link to join your email list in every post or every few posts. Your NationBuilder website built on NationDigital makes this easy by connecting all of your social media to your nation.

In Person

For in-person events, make sure you have a sign-up sheet. People who attend events are more likely to be enthusiastic supporters and want to maintain communication with your campaign. Make it easy for them and have a sign-up sheet ready to go. Plus, with NationBuilder at your core, you can print sign-up, canvassing, and phonebanking sheets and import new supporters them with ease!

2) Focus on engagement.

A lot of campaigns make the mistake of focusing too much on the number of people on their email lists rather than on the level of engagement. You want enthusiastic supporters that put in the time and effort to engage with your campaign. That's why we encourage you to encourage people to opt-in to your email address at every opportunity.

Don’t waste your time and effort sending emails to people who will never open them or who never signed up to receive them. Make sure that your email list contains supporters that are actively engaging with your campaign. Remember, a small but enthusiastic group will accomplish a lot more than a large, disinterested group. Plus, NationBuilder manages opt-ins and opt-outs so you don't have to.

3) Start small and build up.

To add to the focus on engagement, you want to start small and build up. Begin with the people you know who are already invested in your campaign. 

Then, do some political mapping and target leaders in your community. Get them to share the message with their supporters, and ask their supporters to share with people they know.

Start your email list with a dedicated group of supporters and add people that are willing to actively engage with your campaign. You want people on the list to care, and a great way to get people to care about something is to hear from the people they trust. 

4) Swap lists with other campaigns.

List swapping is common among campaigns, but you want to be careful. Make sure that you are only working with reputable campaigns and that you protect your supporters’ privacy. 

If you find a good campaign to swap email lists with, it’s a great way to grow your political email list quickly. However, if you are trading with a campaign focused on something completely unrelated to yours, their list likely won’t help much.

5) Share petition campaigns.

Petition campaigns on NationBuilder are an efficient way to unite and identify potential supporters over a shared concern. The cost per acquisition for petition signers still remains relatively low. Send a petition to your current email list and ask them to sign it and share it to give your petition a boost.

6) Offer free merch or swag.

Everybody loves free stuff. Offer free merch or swag like bumper stickers or magnets to supporters that sign up for your email list. You could also offer a discount for other merch you might be selling, like t-shirts or bags. With NationBuilder's automatic tagging and filtering system, its easy to keep track of new supporters and send them their swag!

7) Host a contest.

Contests are a classic way to engage with an audience. Get people to join your email list in exchange for entries into a raffle. Have prizes that are enticing but don’t stretch your budget.

The danger of contests is that you risk having a lot of people sign up who don’t care about your campaign. Mitigate this risk by offering prizes you know your supporters would be interested in.

Final Thoughts

Excellent email lists are essential for successful campaigns. With these tips, you can build an email list full of enthusiastic supporters who want to engage with your campaign. 

Once you have your email list, you can use it to increase engagement, gather more support, and communicate directly with your current supporters. There are many ways to benefit from a political email list, and it doesn’t take much effort to build one.

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